Chinese/English business card translation and typesetting

For a single Mandarin (simplified Chinese) or traditional Chinese or Cantonese business card translation and typesetting is £140. Each additional card, with minor changes, is £40.

Typesetting only one card is £60. Each additional card, is £40.

Chinese business card layout based on your template

Haven't got electronic files for us to typeset your business card? We can create one based on your template, for a fee of £60. All you need to do is:

  • Send in your logo, or we'll create one from your hard-copy
  • Tell us what typeface you use for the card or we'll choose the closest one for you
  • Scan or photo the existing one for us to follow the layout
  • Tell us the size of business card you require

Chinese name business card translation note

If you have a Chinese name already or your name has been translated and used on your existing card in the past, please send us the characters scanned or photographed, so we can incorporate it into your new card. Please note:

  • Names translated into Chinese or Cantonese are based on pronunciation
  • However, the same pronunciation can contain many different characters

Business card 24 hour turnaround

Need your Chinese business card translation and typesetting urgently? We can usually deliver a job within 24 hours. Contact David.

Chinese greeting cards translation/typesetting

Have you considered having your corporate cards, Ecards, invitation cards, Christmas and New Year cards in Chinese to extend your business in the Chinese community? Get in touch! We offer:

  1. Accurately worded translations and culturally adapted designations
  2. Clear organizational identity and card layout
  3. Camera-ready electronic files for professional printers output

Chinese characters

art in chinese charactorChinese characters are written in two forms – the word 'art' in Traditional (shown at the top) or Simplified (shown bottom).

Simplified Chinese business card bdpSimplified (Mandarin) and Traditional Chinese are spoken in the same way even though the characters are written differently. Cantonese is a different spoken language, but written in the Traditional Chinese way.

Simplified written Chinese is used in mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore and partly Hong Kong, whereas Traditional is used in Taiwan and partly in Hong Kong.