Chinese typesetting and DTP/Desktop Publishing Services

Are you publishing books or magazines in Chinese, or looking for a Chinese typesetting and DTP service partner to work side-by-side with you?

We are London based typesetters providing quality work with experience – a reliable partner for your business!

Simplified and traditional Chinese typesetting services

  • Art books for museums and publishers
  • Promotional materials – advertising, exhibition brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters
  • Financial and charity reports
  • Newsletters and magazines
  • Packaging

We have worked with various international and domestic companies, printers, publishers, universities and government departments, providing accurate, reliable Chinese typesetting and DTP in all popular artwork packages.

Have confidence in us

The rules of good typography vary from language to language; good Chinese typography is more complex than good Roman typography, especially if you can't read or understand the language (see Typeface page).

Shanghai Expo Chinese DTP services

We have been carrying out Chinese DTP services for Shanghai Expo exhibitors since 2005.

Entrust your Chinese typesetting and Chinese Desktop Publishing/DTP to qualified, well-experienced typesetters at!

Chinese Type Layout

For typesetting or DTP, choosing an appropriate Chinese typeface is only one of the key issues! The real devil is in the detail — the need to study, understand the language structure and know how TYPE is arranged and calculated! For example, all languages may have the same meaning, yet could be wrongly expressed when the culture is different. DTP/typesetting is the same.

Vincent Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh Museum Chinese type layout. ↑