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Home: London based Chinese typesetters provide quality service with experience.

Typeface – type set Chinese fonts/characters: We study the Roman typographic style and translate it into its equivalent style for the Chinese market.

Mandarin (simplified Chinese) and Cantonese (traditional Chinese) DTP/typesetting: Books and magazines digital page makeup, typesetting services/help for museum and publishers.

Portfolio: Chinese/Mandarin typesetting work examples are on the Portfolio page. We encourage you to take a look at the kind of work we do and the quality we provide.

About us: We consistently deliver good quality–assured Chinese typography, whether you are a multinational, medium or small enterprise.

Business cards: Chinese/English business (name) cards, translations and typesetting in simplified and traditional Chinese or Cantonese – 24 hour turnaround!

English to Chinese translations: If clients require translations, UK based translators offer accurate, quality–assured work by members of the ITI.

Composition typographique chinoises : Composition typographique et PAO chinoises rapides et professionnelles, exécutées par des typographes bilingues anglais/chinois basés à Londres. Qualité irréprochable assurée !

Contact: We'll get in touch as soon as we receive your e-mail enquiry about Chinese text layout projects.

Typesetting refers to text setting and type layout or text layout.

Text composition is also known as type composition, type layout and composing type.

Joana Vasconcelos Material World book Simplified Chinese typesetting.

Buckingham Palace Simplified Chinese tourist guide typesetting.

Westminster Abbey Mandarin Chinese tourist guide type layout in InDesign.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Chinese type layout – Director's Tour:
A walking guide

Wine Study Guide Mandarin Chinese text book typesetting.

Cambridge tourist guide Mandarin Chinese typesetting.

Youth in action on climate change Chinese booklet typesetting.

Oil and Natural Gas Mandarin Chinese type layout.

Duty-Free News International Mandarin Chinese typesetting.

Catherine Jones Mandarin Chinese advertising typesetting.

Waddesdon Manor – The Rothschild Collection Mandarin brochure typesetting.

Chinese page makeup/DTP Process

When we receive a project, we'd normally ask our client to send a sample file for a quote. After going through file contents, estimating the cost and turnaround time, we then send out the quote.

When we receive client go ahead confirmation, the process starts:

  1. A typesetting task sheet will be issued with information and instructions for typesetters.
  2. Checking files received from the client. This includes:
    • If the translated documents open and characters display correctly.
    • All the source files such as fonts or graphics work properly.
  3. Our typesetters will assign a Chinese type specification before starting a job, to ensure the new Chinese type layout document retains consistency as per original.
  4. First type layout draft will be given to a proof reader along with the original document. The typesetter will make all corrections if there are mistakes.
  5. When a check is completed the first PDF proof will be delivered to the client.
  6. After PDF revision feedback from the client, the typesetter will amend the changes or corrections, until the final delivery is error-free.
  7. Then the final typesetting projects will be completed and delivered to client.